RUMAILER is the first link in the chain of IT products of the "RUHOLDING" project which is based on the principle of "quality-usability-budget" that meets the most important needs of potential users:

  • high quality service;
  • simple installation and usage;
  • low budget (in this case FREE).

All components of the project will be closely interrelated and integrated with each other. As a result, the user will receive a unique "four-in-one" tool for quality management of both the email marketing and business in general:

RUMAILER is a service for collecting subscribers and carrying out email-mailing.

  • mailings
  • emails series
  • generating subscription forms
  • statistics
  • import-export

RUWEBER is the service for conducting webinars:

  • Creating webinars and web conferences;
  • Full set of the broadcasting features;
  • Webinars recordings.

Currently, the technical launch of FLAGSHIP RUMAILER project has been carried out, in the meantime work on the installation of other services of the line is underway.

Start using the service for free right now!