Newsletter via Internet: the first steps

If you are a beginning infobusinessman and still have not used such tool as email newsletter, you should start using it now. According to statistics, email marketing is 2 times more effective than any other type of Internet marketing.
We will try to explain in broad terms where to start in this niche. A quick guide to mastering our newsletter service can be found here.

Subscribers base

First, you need to collect some initial, albeit small, subscribers base. This can be done in completely different ways. The most correct way is to get subscribers through sigh-up forms. Rumailer allows you to create and customize a sign-up form in a convenient way, the code of which can be integrated into your website. After the visitor signs up through your form, a confirmation email will be sent to the visitor's email address. This is the so-called double verification mechanism (double optin). After the user clicks on the link generated in the email, he / she will be automatically added to your mailing lists already verified and ready to receive emails.

Correct type of mailings

Secondly, after you have collected a small, but relevant to your business database of subscribers, you need to properly use the tools that have fallen into your hands. Mailing through the Internet, most likely will not bring the desired results, if you do not delve into its nuances and just send letters with offers to buy. It is worth reading quite a lot of tips, maybe even participate in webinars on this topic or find the recorded ones on video hostings. Rumailer as the newsletter service provides 3 main types of mailings: typical mass emails to the lists of subscribers, a series of emails and event-mailings.

Typical email newsletters

If you have a stable, rarely changing database of addresses, this type of sending is the most convenient for you. You configure the reply-to email, the email subject, select lists of subscribers, edit the contents of the letter (you can use a ready-made template), attach files to emails. You can then test the newsletter, schedule it to run at a specific time, or run it instantly.

Email series

Series of letters is a more convenient tool for online mailings. Their advantage lies in the fact that you have several prepared letters, the sending of which can be configured according to different time criteria. Once the user is added to the list on the service, which is used for a series of letters, he receives the emails, starting from the first, in the intervals specified in the settings. Thus, new subscribers will always receive all the emails in order, and you can forget that you need to perform any action, except to check the statistics.


In order to use event-mailings, it is necessary that subscribers have specified the correct date of birth in the format. You can create a newsletter and attach lists to it, the subscribers of which will be sent a congratulatory letter on their specified date of birth. All these actions are also performed automatically. Such event-sales tool has widely proven itself abroad, and is gaining popularity in Russia.

Statistics of our mailing service allow you to easily track the dynamics and performance of your mailings. Keep reading the articles from our knowledge base, in which we will delve deeper into the basics and secrets of event-marketing.