RUMAILER – is a newslatter service of the latest generation that allows you to send emails with the highest percentage of deliverability.

I can say for sure that RUMAILER can be called the FLAGSHIP of the RUHOLDING project, the main task of which is to create a cloud of services for the installation, maintenance and promotion of any business (including infobusiness).

RUMAILER – is the first link in the chain of IT-products which are based on the principle of "quality-usability-budget" that meets the most important needs of potential users:

  • high quality service;
  • easy to install and use;
  • low budget.

The algorithm of RUMAILER service is based on the interaction with the world leader – AMAZON, or rather, on the usage of the latest development – AMAZON SES (Simple Email Service), which is based on the high performance servers. For reference, AMAZON is the largest retailer in the world that has servers which are the second (after Google) in terms of capacity and fault tolerance.

Being connected to the AMAZON solutions and integrated by the company's servers, RUMAILER service provides a solution to the most important task for email marketing: guaranteed delivery of emails to the recipients, as well as the collection of necessary statistics.

That is why RUMAILER compares favorably with other similar services in the Russian-speaking Internet space and could be recommended both to start-up entrepreneurs and large companies with big subscribers (customers) databases as the MAIN tool for business development through the email-marketing.

The main advantages of the RUMAILER service:

  • The percentage of email deliverability is 99.99% (no service in the world guarantees 100%);
  • installation speed - in 5-10 minutes after the launch of the service you can carry out the first mailings;
  • The availability of statistics - you get the most important things you need to know after the mailing - open rate, spam report, bounces in a convenient interface;
  • The possibility of integration with other services of RUBLASTER, RUWEBER;
  • effective online support


For all who register and start using the service the following bonuses are provided:

  • THE POSSIBILITY OF IMPORTING ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS FROM OTHER ANALOGICAL SERVICES without confirmation - the personal manager will provide you with necessary assistance and VERY QUICKLY transfer (copy) your subscribers to RUMAILER.
  • integration with RuBLASTER and RuWEBER services;
  • the possibility of doing PARTNER business with our team;



The project RUMAILER.RU concluded a long-term contract with the AMAZON platform, and also received the additional quotas on the number and volume of mailings, which therefore made it possible to make the cost price of mailings quite low.

WE DO NOT WISH and WILL NOT raise money from those who have recently started to use the Internet as a tool to create a new business or even to develop an existing one: therefore for this category of users all our services will ALWAYS STAY FREE.
Of course, the relevant criteria for transition to the “next” level will be clearly stated in each of the services, but for today, with regard to RUMAILER, we promise that the mailing service (RUMAILER) will be FREE without any restrictions for those who have fewer than 5,000 people in the subscriber database.

The ONLY thing WE ASK is to give us feedback. Only "collective intelligence" is able to ensure correct functioning of the services, especially on a testing stage.

You can find us HERE

We PROMISE that we will take into careful consideration all of your suggestions with no exception and do our best to make them come true in the shortest possible time.

Our goal is to do WELL And we will be very grateful to all users for comments, suggestions, remarks, as well as for good advice on the services.

Start using the service and get maximum privileges!

Warm Regards, RUHOLDING team.